söndag 28 juli 2013

Midnight Walk On The Harbor

What a great summer! The time was 0:00, we went and took a walk by the harbor. It was so lovely fine weather in the middle of night and the light procedure and hot air. (Swedish summer always bright at night and less sun in the day and more rain) Put us on the pier and splashed our feet in the lake, what a great feeling! Holidays start taking it out and Back to reality so soon! School starts next week and my little girl is going on in training to among the older group of children. Mom little concerned that my princess be with those older kids. Hope will be fine. There no much to tell what we have done during the holiday. We had maybe less spare  time. We have to build our cottage , but we had fun both me and Amanda with her grandmother who came to visit. Will upload a picture of our cottage later.
Hope everyone had a great holiday this year!

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