fredag 28 mars 2014



        Calamari with eggplant and pak choy wok

        Since I been to a cooking course I gain much wieght. I wanted to try à new menu on My daily        
doze. (IF this working for me). Anyway I'm going to share this for you My expirement and let see I'll reach my goal! My starting wieght today 60 kilos and My goal is 53kilos.
                     My recepi:
                  1 eggplant 
                   Pak Choy
                   Oliv oil for the wok 
                   Light soya souce
                    Chili fruit

                   How to Done it.!
                  Fried the calamari with oil, add some salt and chili for flavor. Putin the calamari to
                  the side and start the wok for the eggplant and pak choy, add soya souce some salt 
                  and pepper for flavor.

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